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Gospel shows to excellencies and great attitude abilities Hi just putting it out there for all elgin citizens anyone who would like to sow a flower seed in our garden to show that you are covid 19 free will plant it in our garden for you and get a picture of it during the summertime season and post it on our website and facebook.

Also you'll find "was it your welcome or forgive it?"

As Tamara and Chad being Elgin Residencies who will continue to volunteer as Elgin's Spirit Volunteer Moralers (did everybody like that word?) and continues to as beautifications to this town As well as yard upkeeps :) and being the past the Secretary of the CEC the town is looking great!

Act unselfishly with the right kind of jealousy with contentment

and with that in mind Positively

Don't Be So Natural for All those who are

Spiritually Discerned :)


In the News

One Alternative Isn't better than the Other Rather the Alternatives
Are in the Same Neighborhood of Value While the Same Time Being
Very Differnet in Kind of Value

So at Times it is like the example in the video below

called No Asking NO Ticket


With all love & joyfulness
when there is no impartialty in your being

you are partial to the impartialty

So to the Flip Side Get your Ticket!


Life Light Love

Life is the Living Soul Breathed

Light is Risen in Righteousness

Love is the Quickiening Spirit

as the God-Given Articulation of Love Pleasingly Loves

joyfully imperfect by grace standard

It happens when it happens when paved road gets

to the Wilson trailer park in Elgin ,Ontario

and Ohh is there new laundry mat facilities?

No.....YESSSS!! :)

Can marry anyone at the 1000 island towers in Gananoque,Ontario



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